Vegan Stuff

This is a place for bunch of vegan stuff. I’ll be posting random Veganism related things that need to be remembered and shared with the world.

For vegan recipes and food inspiration, I recommend visiting this subreddit called veganrecipes.

Uplifting video that sums up “why I’m vegan”


101 – Reasons to Go Vegan – Presentation

Simple easy going video presentation that should make you question some things you took for granted during your life.


Naturally, humans are not carnivores.

Here’s a “The Comparative Anatomy of Eating table that you should check.

You can find the comparative study of our digestive anatomy against carnivores, herbivores and omnivores here. It is only 9 pages including the summary tables.


Beyond Carnism and toward Rational, Authentic Food Choices” by Melanie Joy.
Nice 19 minutes presentation at TEDxMünchen, totally worth watching.