Vegan Recipes

On this page, you can find some of the vegan recipes I’ve tried. Obviously, I’ll post here occasionally, and only the ones who were “success”.

I’ve done so many in the past, but I haven’t documented anything, but I guess it is never to late to start! :D


1) Easy “cheesy” spinach spaghetti: – The title is pretty much descriptive. This recipe is simple (doesn’t include many ingredients), but delicious. Personally, I added vegan parmesan cheese and it was awesome.
When we’re here, here’s the recipe for making vegan parmesan cheese (you can always play around with the dose and ingredients, to perfect it for your taste)

2) Really nice chocolate cake by (strangely enough) Nigella:

I made this cake twice and was simply awesome. Friends didn’t know it is vegan ;)