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All in one page about learning a new language.

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First of all… Duolingo. Never heard of it? Real shame. Heard about it but never tried out? Do it now.
It is a completely free platform to learn a new language. There’s no catch, no hidden stuff. It is free and available for you, it is there. What’s your excuse?




Sid Efromovich speech at TEDxUpperEastSide titled “5 techniques to speak any language”

I may not agree with everything he stated, but there are some really good points in the video worth taking note of! :)


Here’s another TEDx presentation I mostly agree with. Learning a new language is trivial, we just need to take the right approach and enable certain circumstances. Unfortunately, not everyone can allow himself to spend entire 6 months or a year only learning a new language. However, his points stand and are worth noting as well.

“How to learn any language in six months” by Chris Lonsdale at TEDxLingnanUniversity