Dentaku! :D

By pressing down on special key it plays a little melody.

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  1. Sophie says:

    she was going vegan. I was the person who was all like, Oh I could never do that. I love csehee! . She never pressured me but constantly informed me about what I was consuming that could be veganized .Over the next few months I began reading about the entangled oppressions of humans and other animals. I had, for a long while, been a fan of Cesar Chavez and came to realize that he was a committed vegan who understood that all oppressions are connected and that violence is violence no matter who it was committed against.I already considered myself to be pro-peace and anti-oppression and I remember asking myself if I could justify consuming other animals, who were every bit as entitled to a life free of exploitation and oppression as any human being. I couldn’t do it and was instantly a vegan. I donated my non-vegan clothes to others in need and immediately dropped the animal products (for lack of a better term) from my diet.Here I am three years later and I feel more and more committed to the principle of nonexploitation (veganism) every day. Not only has veganism opened my eyes to entangled oppressions of humans and other animals, it has also dramatically improved the quality of my own life in so many ways. With this renewed sense of confidence I am constantly striving to improve my life as well as the life of other beings.

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